Different Betting Systems And Their Unique Features

Different Betting Systems And Their Unique Features

Almost each one of us likes to bet on something at one time or the other. Let it be any game; millions of people like to invest and make huge money by winning fabulous jackpots. Lucky are the ones that lay their hands on millions of dollars by adopting workable betting systems.  

Betting systems may be classified into three major categories, i.e. Positive evolution betting systems, Negative evolution betting systems and Insurance betting systems.

  1. Positive progression betting system – It refers to the one wherein you are permitted to enhance the bet while winning. Known as the ‘let-it-ride’ strategy, this particular system needs less capital and people make its use to benefit from the relevant winning streaks.
  2. Negative progression betting system – Persons on the losing side are allowed to increase their bets. Those interested in this system need to possess more capital.
  3.     Insurance betting system – Those opting for this particular system are allowed to lower the betted amount when they win. Known as “play-it-safe” philosophy; it is a mixture of the above two systems.

Choosing the reliable and viable gambling system needs great skills. You should focus on evenness and follow the same strategy, both for roulette and blackjack too.  It is worth noting that almost all the casino games have a particular house edge. The players must be cautious enough to enhance their odds and look for the practicable betting system that helps to reduce the house edge in any game.

Following betting systems linked with the above three categories may be tried by the players:

  • Martingale betting system – It works on a simple oldest strategy. Based on the negative progression betting system and probability of losing infinite times in a row; it is applied to ‘even money’ bets. Betting may be begun with one bet and started again with another bet if you win. The bet is doubled in case you lose the game and the same procedure is continued.
  • Paroli betting system – Quite opposite to the Martingale system; it is known as the Anti-Martingale betting system. The players start with one bet and increase the same when winning and not when they lose the bet. A viable betting procedure has to be chalked out under this particular system. You can make lot of money through this betting system by stacking on a small bet by using your wits in even manners.
  • Parlay betting system – Falling under the positive progression system, it resembles with the Paroli system wherein the effect of pyramiding, i.e. the original wager and winnings on successive wagers are involved.
  • D’Alenbert betting system – A fine blend of negative progression and insurance betting system; it helps in winning back the losses in smaller steps and not the all at once as in the case of Martingale.
  • 1-3-2-6 betting system – Quite similar to the Paroli betting system; this particular strategy is based on the promise that you may win four times in a sequence. The players’ four bets are: initial bet-one unit, second bet-three units, the third bet-two units and the fourth bet is six units.

All the above betting systems are significant in their own terms and conditions. Players may choose any one of them as per their convenience and funds that they intend to invest.