5 Poker Tips That Will Improve Your Game In 2017


5 Poker Tips That Will Improve Your Game In 2017

Winning tournaments and online matches is becoming much more challenging these days. Many players from around the world are implementing new poker strategies regularly and are leaving other players behind. If you think your poker game could do with a bit of work this year, consider implementing the following simple tips to ensure you stay competitive in 2017.

Put Your Foot Down from the Get Go

Winning poker is all about putting fear into your opponents. If you can do that from the first hand, you’re going to have more chance of making them fall victim to a failed bluff later. It’s about making a statement from the first hand and if you can do that, opponents legs will start trembling. Go all in from the off and show your opponents that you’re not to be messed with.

Become More Unpredictable

Whether you’re a betfaircasino.com online poker player or an offline poker player, reading your opponents is a big part of how you’re going to play the next hand. But, it’s not all about reading your opponents, it’s also about trying to prevent them from reading you. If you’re a person that gets sussed out quickly, you’re going to have a bit of a situation on your hands throughout the game. Try to play various hands differently without trying to play your own game to mix things up a bit.

Show No Mercy

It’s easy to feel sorry for another player that isn’t doing so well, but that’s not your problem. Take every cent from them and don’t show any mercy. It will make you a much better player if you’re horrible and arrogant – that’s what poker’s all about.

Watch the Professionals Do Business

If you’re into poker but you’re not really one to watch the professionals go about their business on TV, consider spending an evening or two to see how it’s done properly. You can only better yourself by becoming more unpredictable, and professionals playing the game will innovate you when it comes to playing different hands. You will get new ideas and you’ll approach poker games with a different style that will make your bluffing skills shine.

Don’t Play Poker in the Wrong Frame of Mind

If you’re drunk, avoid playing poker at all costs because it’s only going to end one way. If you’re angry and upset, again, don’t play poker until you’re in the right frame of mind. Approaching poker in good spirits will help you make better decisions throughout the game and it will prevent you from just going all in because you can’t be bothered to play anymore.

The above tips are, of course, very simple. However, if you don’t implement them you’re going to be a sitting duck in a highly competitive sport. Poker players are becoming much more experienced and unpredictable these days, so don’t fall behind. Have a look at this helpful guide to help you iron out some of your regular poker playing mistakes.

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