6 Ways To Make Your Money Last


6 Ways To Make Your Money Last

If you’re planning a night out on the casino floor, you’re naturally going to want to make your money last as long as possible. Here are a few useful tips that can help you stretch those dollars out and get a good amount of playing time in.

Know The House Edge

It’s true that the house will always have the edge when it comes to gambling. What does this mean? Essentially, no matter what game you play, the casino will have the upper hand. However, you can make your money last longer by knowing which games give the house a bigger edge than others. Those carnival-style games? The odds are always stacked massively against you. The same goes for slots, in which the average slot machine has a 5-15% house advantage or higher. The more bets you make – and lose – on these games, the faster your spending well will run dry.

Enjoy Other Casino Amenities

Nothing says you have to be gambling the entire time you’re in a casino. Many places of gambling will offer other forms of entertainment, too. Buffets, live shows, and musical performances from popular artists are just a few of the most common non-gambling amenities a casino can offer. If you want to extend your stay and make your money last, try taking a few breaks in between games. Go enjoy some drinks or food, or relax and listen to the musical performance of the night. Not only will you keep yourself from burning through your money as quickly, but you’ll be able to enjoy a whole new side of the casino, too.

Leave The Slots Alone

Slots are one of the most popular games in a casino, and with good reason. They’re relatively inexpensive and they’re incredibly easy to play. You don’t need to know any rules; you just press a button and win or lose. Easy, right? Of course, slot machines are also responsible for up to 70 percent of a casino’s income. As mentioned, the odds are stacked massively in the house’s favor for these games. Not only that, but the low amount it takes to play – sometimes as low as just a few pennies – is specifically designed to trick you into spending excessive amounts of money. People think “it’s just a few cents” and before they know it, all of their spending money is gone. Do yourself a favor and stick to table games for a trip. See how much of a difference it makes in your playtime.

Lower Your Denominations

Another easy way to stretch your money out is to start making the lowest bets available. Switch from $25 dollar chips to $5 dollar chips, for example. There’s no rule in a casino that says you can’t continuously make the lowest bets possible. You’ll still be able to potentially make some money while risking the minimum amount, and stretching your chips out in this way will let you play more games than if you had been risking big from the start.

Slow Down Your Spending

While playing at casinos in NJ, keep an eye out for the most crowded tables. After all, the more players there are in a game, the fewer bets you’ll be making per hour. This will let you extend your playtime since you won’t be burning through your cash as quickly. Choosing different slot machines instead of staying and playing at the same one will have the same effect, allowing you to spend time resettling instead of continuously feeding your coins into one machine.

Keep An Eye Out For Deals

Casinos will sometimes have deals that allow you to spend little – or even no – money for extra play time. For example, if a new machine is being introduced to the crowd, they may offer free promotional pulls or spins. Gambling coupons are also popular and can be used by regular players to get an edge over the house, or at least reduce the edge the house has.

Of course, the tips and tricks that work best for you will generally depend on your play style. However, the ones listed here are general enough that they should be able to give just about any player a little bit of extra longevity. Give them a try and see for yourself what a difference a few changes can make.

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