Bitcoin Casino Trends In 2019


Bitcoin Casino Trends In 2019

Bitcoin Casino

The year is reaching its halfway mark and as the months have progressed we have seen a few trends in the online gaming industry that are becoming familiar. Becoming better acquainted with these trends will help determine which casinos to play at, which Bitcoin games are worth looking into and where to use sites like, where bonus codes are applicable. When taking a look at these trends we wonder what will be next. Here is what you need to know.

Bitcoin as a Payment Option

Not all casinos being developed are solely accepting Bitcoin; some are still accepting visa or other payment options using eWallets. However, modern online casinos are adopting Bitcoin as a payment option as players are becoming accustomed to the decentralized cryptocurrency and the privacy attached to each transaction. The benefits of Bitcoin are as apparent as the quick recovery since the crash and burn in 2018. Bitcoin is especially beneficial to online casino players.

The Rise of Bitcoin Casinos

We have noticed a spike in the development of exclusive Bitcoin casinos over the past two years and a certain trend is the continuous rise of Bitcoin casinos. There are still going to be a number of new online Bitcoin casinos to be developed and for the already existing ones, Bitcoin will be considered as an additional payment option.

Bitcoin as a Mobile Application

Already Bitcoin casino apps are trending and the spike of recent downloads proves that the trend is setting fast and already existing Bitcoin casinos are looking at creating a mobile platform. Mobile gaming has become a popular means of accessing online casino games and with additional Bitcoin applications coming into development; we are bound to see increased popularity of Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin Discount Codes

Even as we see discount codes becoming increasingly popular, we also see an increased pattern which promotes more affiliates to offer deals on Bitcoin purchases exclusively for the use at selected online casinos. It is presumed this will become an attractive incentive to attract new players and encourage them to sign up at new Bitcoin exclusive casinos.

Targeted Audience

Bitcoin is targeting online casino players and the results are astonishing. We can see an increase of players transferring from eWallets and credit cards and becoming a Bitcoin user. With the targeted audience being online casino players, the power of marketing will continue to reach players across the internet and promote Bitcoin businesses. The cryptocurrency thrives through players using it and the players are unwittingly marketing and promoting the use of the crypto.

There are a number of trends seen in the growth and rise of Bitcoin casinos and one of the apparent trends seen is the value of Bitcoin and how people are gravitating toward it.

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