Blackjack Hall Of The Fame- A Group Of Blackjack Heroes


Blackjack Hall Of The Fame- A Group Of Blackjack Heroes

Blackjack, the famous casino game has been there for centuries and it has become much popular amongst all types of players. All of them know the Blackjack Hall of Fame – the celebrated foundation that is devoted to the loyal blackjackers, i.e. the serious blackjack thinkers, players, book writers or the strategists who are treated with high esteem. Their great contribution to the world of blackjack and its various tricks has been recognised the world over.


Situated in California, San Diego; the Hall of Fame is placed at Barona Casino. The property is so liberal that it has taken the responsibility of lifetime food, accommodation, drinks and other amenities – all free of cost to the residents of the Hall of Fame with the condition that they will never play blackjack games on the tables of Barona Casino.

Blackjack Ball

Came into being in 2002, the Hall of Fame had twenty one professional blackjack gamblers who were elected as residents for their contribution towards blackjack. The first cultural and professional event of the hall took place in 2003 with the election of seven members on the Blackjack Ball. Now the event is celebrated each year for recognition of best blackjack players across the globe.

Blackjack Heroes

Following celebrities have contributed greatly towards promotion of Blackjack.

Edward O. Thorp

The renowned mathematics professor is known as the originator of Blackjack card counting system. In his famous book named, Beat the Dealer; he has demonstrated that a player can determine the fate of the remaining cards in the deck by keeping a good track of the already dealt cards. Thus the wise gambler can defeat the dealer by adjusting his own bets. This great achievement of Thorp is worth appreciation.

Al Francesco

Though theoretically perfect, yet Thorp’s blackjack card-counting strategies were not liked by the blackjack casinos that discouraged the card counters. It was

Al Francesco who helped to beat the problem. He invented a concept through which the blackjack team of many counters and one Big Player used to act like card counters and win the same way without being recognized as card counters by the security of the casinos. It proved to be a nice mechanism in deed.

Ken Uston

Previously a member of Al Francesco’s team, Uston formed his own teams and wrote many books on blackjack strategy. He was the person who convinced the Supreme Court of New Jersey that the casinos in the Atlantic City should not be allowed to restrain the card counters.

In addition to the above, there are others too who have done tremendous work towards development of blackjack.

Stanford Wong presented the famous writing, i.e. Professional Blackjack and many other books too. Peter Griffin, the famous math professor at California State University wrote The Theory of Blackjack while Tommy Hyland has also done a great work for blackjack while working as manager, trainer, administrator and recruiter. Arnold Snyder presented his famous books, i.e. Blackbelt in Blackjack, The Big Book of Blackjack and The Blackjack Shuffle Tracker’s Cookbook. Several other great men have also contributed in promoting blackjack.

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