How To Win Betting On Horse Races


How To Win Betting On Horse Races

Horse Races

The internet revolution has generated a golden age for horse race bettors, with a large number of bookmakers competing for their share of the pie. This situation has generated excellent opportunities for those who are disciplined enough to exploit them, since there are practically no differences if you try to compare prices. Basically, if your opinion is good you should win and do it regularly. Based on our experience on both sides of the business we have found some golden rules to be successful in horse betting. Of course there is no sure way to ensure you’re successful but one site that can help is The Winners Enclosure. They offer the best daily horse racing tips and previews ahead of all the biggest race events to ensure you place well informed bets.


There are so many races, especially during the spring and summer, that it is practically impossible to be aware of all of them, and trying to do so can damage our judgment and lead to mistakes. Try to find an area that you can master. Bet only on these and do not miss a race.

Develop A Database

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Specializing in an area means that you can easily create a database in which to detail all your impressions and annotations about each career. Some companies offer ready-made versions in which you can enter your own data along with the reports of your expert analysis.

Analyze Every Race You Can

Here is the essence for those who want to try and try to make a profit from horse racing. There are many players who fail in their bets by doing so for what they prefer or thinking that “a winner is always better”. The only way to get an accurate perspective of when is the time to bet is to analyze the bet in depth. That is, if for example you value the odds of 3 horses in a race evenly, 3 to 1, 3 to 1 and 3 to 1, but the available prices are from 6 to 4, 2 to 1 and 5 to 2, the value lies in betting on the option of 6 to 4.

Obviously, it is a simplistic example, and in the world of racing not everything is white or black, but it is a good way to get into the betting, abandon bad habits and avoid having too many bets in hand.

When The Weather Changes, Be Patient And Wait

The warm months in the races tend to be the most difficult for betting houses. In short, time is usually dry and the ground does not change, favoring speed. However, when the weather changes, so do the results. Be careful when analyzing the way thinking of a fast track if in fact the race is going to develop in a soft track. Do not let the bookmaker take advantage in this regard.

The State Of The Race

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Although you do not have much in mind, this could be the most important factor when analyzing a race whose value we want to analyze before betting on it. Try to understand the way of running of the protagonists and what suits them best. For example, if there are two outstanding favorites in the race, they may be able to ruin each other’s race, leaving the victory on a platter to a third party. In the same way, if the situation makes a calm and pressure-free leadership possible, it is very likely that this runner will do his best.

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