Insane But True Things About Slot Machines


Insane But True Things About Slot Machines

Slot Machines

Slot machines are favored by hundreds of people who like casino games as they are simple, easy to play and have a low minimum bet requirement. Playing slot is as a fun way to pass time and earn some extra money on the side.

Slots aficionados are so crazy about these machines that they dedicated some time researching and knowing every single thing about slots including myths, history, interesting facts and game strategies. If you are playing slots, I’m pretty sure you will also be curious to learn more about it. Below are some fascinating insane facts about slots that are worth knowing.

  • The slot machinehas several names depending which country you come from. For instance, in UK, it is called”fruit machines”, in Australia it’s commonly known as “pokies” and in Japan it’s called ”pachisuro”.
  • Super Big Bertha was the world’s biggest and heaviest slot machine manufactured in 1950s at $150,000 that time or $1.2 million at present. It measures 2 meters width by 2.5 meters height and it was so gigantic that it was impossible to pull the lever to spin the reels. It needed a 5 horsepower motor to operate it.
  • The first slot machine was created by a car mechanic with a jackpot of only 50 cents. These days, it may sound funny but back then, it was worth more than we ever thought.Jackpots today can grow to multi-million dollars especially the progressive jackpot.
  • Slots were posted as “vending machines” before to get around with the law making gambling illegal in the United States. The machines dispense cigars, candies, gums and other small items instead of coins.
  • No other casino games have been pursued the most by cheaters than the slot machine. Scammers have devised so many ways to tweak the machine. Carmichael, one of the best slot cheaters invented the monkey paw and light wand devices after he was released in prison for slot cheating using the top-bottom joint tool.
  • Slot was not termed “one armed bandit” because of its lever. The slang was actually a description of the “bandits” who manipulated the handle of the machine to give them payouts.

Learning some trivia and interesting facts about slot machines will help boost your confidence when playing slots. It will give you the feeling of superiority for knowing so many things about the game. Next time you drop by at Golden Slots Casino, bring some of your friends and share your slot knowledge before you invite them to play goldenslots.

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