Play The Irish Lotto From Anywhere With The Luck Of The Irish


Play The Irish Lotto From Anywhere With The Luck Of The Irish

The lottery that prevails in Ireland is one of the longest established lotteries in Europe. It was set up back in 1988 and it is popularly referred as lotto by many.
Ever since its inception it has become a hobby for many people as this exciting game forms a significant part of their daily or weekly schedule. The opportunity to take part in Irish lotto online is beneficial for players because they can select their area of participation and choose the method accordingly.

Play Irish lotto using varying methodologies

There are varied methods available to play the Irish lotto and all these methods provide players with a plethora of bets. The availability of the multiple bets does boost one’s chance to be victorious. Gamers can partake in three draws in every week that take place on two days; Wednesday and Saturday evening respectively.
The draws consist of a main draw and 2nd and 3rd draw consequently. The Irish lotto that targets UK lotto sites differs from its UK counterpart on the basis of the total number to choose from.

Unlike the 49 ball draw, gamers have four less numbers to select their winning combination. However, the Irish lotto has resemblance with UK lottery as the draws consist of six numbers and an additional number. Players are free to choose the seven number draw or the six number draw to play the Irish lotto. The extra number can make all the difference as it increases a gamer’s chance of winning. On the whole, the draw of 6/45 definitely leaves players with a brighter prospect than a 6/49 draw that most of the other lotteries come up with.

Alluring payouts await players in Irish lotto

Alluring pay-out awaits players as they come up with the winning numbers. Gamers can check out their winning numbers in various ways. They can stick to their televisions when the winning numbers are called out or they can go through the newspaper on the next day or posters in any local betting shop. Players can also confirm their successful combination on the internet where they play the Irish lotto.


To play Irish lotto and be on top of it one has to be constantly involved in the game.  There is an old proverb that goes like ‘the luck of the Irish’ and it plays an instrumental role when it comes to play the Irish lotto not only in Ireland but also in UK as well. Furthermore, even though picking up the right numbers is the tedious task the Irish version renders better chance to triumph than the UK edition of the game. Another advantage of choosing to play the Irish lotto is the game can be played online from anywhere else across the world. People of all ages and from all walks of life are storming into Irish Lotto targets: UK Lotto sites to play the thrilling game and win away awesome prizes. Every gamer has different dreams to chase and it just cannot get any better than to play the Irish lotto to make their dreams come true.

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