Superena Max Lottery Game


Superena Max Lottery Game

Superena Max Lottery Game

Superena max is one of the latest global lottery games offering fixed high cash value prizes to play for today. It has not been long since the game was launched and its mode of play is based on the format of another popular European game, the Italian Superena lotto.

It is a renowned game amongst online lotto players, owing to the fact that it has been in existence as far back as 1997 in Italy. In this game, there are huge jackpot prize amounts available to always play for. The SuperEna Max lottery was launched in 2014.

Some Facts about the Game

There is no cap and roll-down of jackpots, they grow exponentially and they possess startling ability of even reaching large amount with a mind blowing record of almost 178 million Euros. The superena max lotto always adds a twist with a guaranteed minimum prize amount of about 75 million pounds sterling coupled with a special draw play option unlike the so called other lottery games.

The game has been remarked by top lotto players to be a reputable and a good game because of its unique features. In fact, many say it is a game that has come to stay considering the way it has actually established itself quickly.

The game’s jackpot starts at £75 million and amazingly, its prize pot rises by £5 million for each draw that you do not won, for 10 subsequent draws. The good news is, whether you won the jackpot or not, it can still as well reaches a top jackpot amount of £125 million in its 11th draw cycle before falling back again to the original £75 million pot amount. And then the draw cycle goes like that again.

Interestingly, the winning ticket is always guaranteed to collect the fixed jackpot of at minimum £75 million because winning instant millions could not in any ways get any easier than that. The latest results of these draws are always posted after each lottery draw.

The winning numbers from the Superena max lottery game are usually based on the numbers being published for the official Italian lotto draw of the same date. So as a player, you can always view its raffle draw results, the numbers coupled with the prize breakdowns on the website.

The Weekly Day Draw

The weekly draws of this game take place on three different days, precisely at 7 Pm GMT and they are as follows:

  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday

However, it is worthy of note that when either of these playing days happen to fall on a public holiday, the game is rescheduled for the following day. You can easily get the valid ticket as it will only cost you two Euros, a fairly modest investment when you consider the prizes you have the potential to win.

Finally, it is possible to get the double jackpot feature in a Superena max lottery game; all you have to part with is four Euros. This little investment might earn you millions and it is equally important to note that for a player to win an additional €100 million coupled with the top guaranteed jackpot, all six regular numbers with the extra Superstar number have to be the same.

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