Types And Laws Of Gambling In Germany


Types And Laws Of Gambling In Germany

Right from the olden times the practice of gambling has been prevalent throughout the globe. A large section of the society has been involved in this activity that made many people rich enough while great many numbers lost huge amount of money to the winners. Candidly, people used to get involved in gambling that was not allowed by any government before the 1990s. Many states have formulated different gambling laws as per their requirements and for the sake of the gamblers in common. The approval of the gambling act has been a matter of great relief for the gamblers that not only pass their time by way of gambling but also make good money through this activity.

We see that most of the states now prefer promoting the lotteries and other games of chance instead of banning the same. Different practices like the German gambling laws have since been formulated by different states. It is the state revenue that is generated in a big way through gambling activities and is in fact the promoter of gambling in the world.

Different games – Gambling may be classified into three major categories. The first one may be referred to as Class I that includes all the traditional games since associated with the tribal celebrations or ceremonies. The Class II gaming is constrained to pull tabs, bingo and the card games. All other gambling activities including poker, slot machines, dice games, blackjack, off-track betting, pari-mutuel betting on dogs & horses and lotteries etc. come under Class III gambling. Gaming in the riverboats is another form of gambling that is a passion.

Gambling Laws in Germany – Gambling, an activity associated with betting and stakes is governed by the German gambling laws or other such rules. It is your own wisdom that enables you to win jackpots and other incentives. Recent times have witnessed a great flux as far as the gaming market in the state of Germany is concerned. Different states set their own gambling laws as per their own convenience and the taste of the players in Germany.  

The state witnessed unregulated gambling till the year 2008 that saw passage of the Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ISTG). It led to ban on all types of online gambling excepting sports betting and horse racing since introduced by the state sponsored concerns. The treaty was accepted by all the sixteen states. The year 2012 witnessed acceptance of the treaty by Schleswig-Holstein that allowed licenses to about thirty six operators like 888 and PokerStars. However the order was repealed by the new government that took over the next year. The operators that had obtained the licenses are able to facilitate real money casino gaming and poker for the players in Schleswig-Holstein till the year 2018. No other gaming site is allowed to operate in Germany. Though the EU has termed Germany too harsh as regards gambling but the state is firm on its present stand and desires to keep the things as they are at present.

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