Winning Is A Mind Game When Gaming


Winning Is A Mind Game When Gaming

Win and loss are just like the two sides of a coin. Having said that, they mean, either you win or you lose when playing a video game with your pals, for instance. This is certain and thus, you should be well prepared for handling a defeat. But, repeated defeats bring unhappiness and boredom. Thus, you start losing interest in a game. It means you are not paying enough attention to the nuances of a game. Therefore, to boost your winning chances when gaming, you need to pay more attention to the game over honing your skills like moving the fingertips for ducking, shooting etc.

Interestingly, the act of controlling your fingertips is more of a reflex action and it’s similar to that of your eyelids that close to protect your eyes from a direct light, for instance. In other words, practise devoting your mind power into the game and it is the biggest differentiator in all form of games played around the world. The win of Dame Sarah Storey in the 2016 cycling event of Rio Paralympics is a vivid example here.

Key areas to boost your winning chances when gaming:

  • Learn the controls of a game: Knowledge is power and you may have read this many times. But, you will be able to truly appreciate the intrinsic value of it when you learn the controls of a game at the first place, especially a new one. In other words, no genius was successful in his maiden attempt in any form of a game or in the real life. For instance, one of the greatest scientists of his time, Newton took 20 years to discover the theories of light. Therefore, to boost your winning chances when gaming, you must learn the controls of a game.
  • Love the controls: There may be some controls that you won’t like. But, your disliking will not change the controls of the game. Instead, it will negatively impact your performance in the game. Therefore, start loving those controls and you will witness the miracle here in no time.
  • Accept defeats: Learning to accept defeats in a sporting spirit cajoles you fast and pushes you even harder to win a game.
  • Be levelheaded: Don’t allow a win to go to your head. Having said that, they mean, an exult after a win is normal. But, you must not allow that win to set firm in your head. Always remember that winning is a journey.
  • Ask an expert: After repeated failures in a game, tips from an expert are always rewarding.
  • Motivate: Motivate yourself after a loss and create opportunities to win.
  • Innovate: Try for some innovation here that will work as a big differentiator while gaming.

You too can defeat a game provided you have the patience and perseverance to learn how to boost your winning chances when gaming. That’s the only key to success. In other words, it’s none other you who decides whether you will win or lose a game.

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