The Book Of Ra – The World’s Most Loved Slot Game


The Book Of Ra – The World’s Most Loved Slot Game

Book Of Ra

What do you get when you combine Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra – one of the best online slot games ever produced – the Book of Ra. First launched back in 2005 in the Classic version, the years have seen various special editions of this much-loved game come and go. Currently there are two versions which can be found on a wide variety of sites offering slots online.

The Classic version of Book of Ra Slots is still available, updated and totally current in its graphic display and audio effects, and there is also a Deluxe version with enhanced graphic displays and ambient music to add to the fun of playing. The other main difference between the two is the inclusion of an additional payline on the Deluxe version; 10 lines instead of the regular 9 available on the Classic version.

How to play

Playing Book of Ra is simple. Players choose how many paylines to bet on and how much they want to bet (on pay-to-play versions). The game’s paytable can be consulted at any time by players so that they can see what the prizes are for any of the possible winning combos.

But where this game gets really interesting is when the special feature bonus spins are triggered. This is done by getting three of the special icons appearing on the screen at the same time – they can be in any positions on the paylines. This symbol is usually the icon for the Book of Ra, and once triggered, a special paytable applies to all free spins made within this feature. Players can consult the free-spin counter display on the screen which shows how many spins are remaining at any time and also see what the winning combos and associated prizes are.

The bonus that keeps on giving…

The best feature of Book of Ra has to be the fact that while in the special feature bonus rounds players still have the chance to re-trigger more bonus spins by getting 3 of the special icons on the screen again – and each time this occurs players receive a further 10 free spins, and there is no limit to how many times the special bonus feature can be triggered. In fact, according to expert players, there’s more chance of re-triggering it as opposed to triggering it for the first time, so once players are playing with free spins, the likelihood of getting more is even greater than when playing in the regular mode of the game.

This is one of the main reasons Book of Ra has become one of the world’s most loved online slot games, as the accumulation of special feature free spins can soon add up – and chances of winning increase, too.

Excellent returns for players

The Book of Ra online slots game is one of the best games ever produced and continues to offer extremely high RPP (in the region of 95% – 96.99%) which offers players a real chance of winning big, especially thanks to its unique bonus spin feature.

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